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  • Sample Lesson Plan
Kindergarten Year Overview
week Phonics Word Families Sight Words Oral Vocabulary Language and Writing Main Text & Reading Skill Math Social Studies Science
Week 1 -Review alphabet/vowels-Beginning sounds none none • Writing Your Name
• Introducing Yourself
• Following Directions
Teacher’s Choice Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations
Week 2 Letter Recognition A, B, C, D, E I, am first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth • Song
• Say our Names
The Little School Bus -Character Numbers Zero to Five Community Rules All About Science
Week 3 Letter Recognition F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N I, am proud, cooperation, float, preparation, creation, guide • Invitation
• Write our Names
We are so Proud!
Numbers Zero to Five All About Me All About Science
Week 4 Letter Recognition O, P, Q, R, S the, little platypus, lost, market, around, found, groceries • Poem
• What We Look Like
Plaidypus Lost
Compare Numbers Zero To Five A Good Citizen All About Science
Week 5 Letter Recognition T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z the, little bakery, park, library, fire station, post office, chaperone • Instructions
• What We Can Do
Miss Bindergarten
-Classify & Categorize
Compare Numbers Zero To Five Our Rights All About Science
Week 6 M a, to signals, proper, perfect, dud, pirates, fabulous • Caption
• Nouns for People & Animals
Smach Crash! -Character Compare Numbers Zero To Five Being Responsible All About Science
Week 7 T a, to scooping, swooshing, squelching, gobbling, spinning, rumbling • Story
• Nouns for People & Places
Dig, Dig Digging -Classify & Categorize Numbers Six to Ten Getting Along With Others All About Science Review
Week 8 A have, is •seeds, buds, bloom, fruits, stem, petals • Label
• Nouns for More than One
Flowers -Compare & Contrast Numbers Six to Ten Rules for Me All About Science Review
Week 9 S
have, is discover, spy, pod, nature, acorn, pattern • List • Proper Nouns Nature Spy -Setting Compare Numbers Zero to Ten Leaders All About Science Review
Week 10 P we, my, like calf, cub, joey, grassland, pup, foal • Notes • Adjectives for Colors/Shapes Animal Babies Grassland -Main Idea Compare Numbers Zero to Ten Making Decisions Motion
Week 11 C we, my, like sleep, cave, storm, winter, woods, blustery • Poem
• Adjectives for Sizes/Numbers
Bear Snores On
-Realism & Fantasy
Compare Numbers Zero to Ten Where We Live Motion
Week 12 I he, for nest, stump, hive,meadow, tree trunk, den • Caption
• Adjectives for Opposites
A Bed for Winter -Sequence Classify and Count Data Where Things Are Motion
Week 13 I he, for beanstalk, ogre, naughty, lad, magic, lend • Story
• Adjectives
Jack & the Beanstalk
-Realism & Fantasy
Classify and Count Data Maps Motion
Week 14 B & N me, with, she weigh, healthy, curious, measure, bamboo, explore • Summary • Verbs Little Panda -Compare & Contrast Understand Addition Globes Motion Review
Week 15 R me, with, she duckling, paddle, proud, pond, plunged, brave • Invitation • Verbs for Now & the Past Little Quack -Plot Understand Addition Weather Around You Motion Review
Week 16 D & K see, look celebration, barn, arch, sprinted, blacksmith, soldier • Persuasive Statement
• Verbs that add –s
George Washington
-Cause & Effect
Understand Addition Seasons Around You Living Things
Week 17 F see, look goose, caterpillar, reflection, gosling, butterfly, cocoon • Caption
• Verbs for Now & the Future
Farfallína and Marcel -Plot Understand Addition Using Earth’s Resources Living Things
Week 18 O they, you, of gears, webcams, phonographs, headphones, handwritten, newspapers • List
• Meaningful Word Groups
Then & Now -Draw Conclusions Understand Addition People: Alike and Different Living Things
Week 19 O they, you, of jungle, nibbling, trembling, beast, snarled, entangled • Poem • Sentences The Lion & the Mouse -Main Idea Understand Addition Families: Alike and Different Living Things
Week 20 H are, that, do world, trip, journey, lonely, horizon, homesick • Directions • Naming Parts Roosters off to see the World -Sequence More Addition and Subtraction Culture Living Things
Week 21 L are, that, do piglet, lucky, cook, fox, filthy, scrubber • Poem • Action Parts My Lucky Day -Cause & Effect More Addition and Subtraction Celebrations Living Things
Week 22 Blends one, two, three, four, five woodland, vale, comfortable, nest, hollow, shadows • Description
• Complete Sentences
One Little Mouse -Sequence More Addition and Subtraction Holidays Living Things Review
Week 23 G one, two, three, four, five bears, cottage, middle-sized, porridge, big, small • List
• Telling Sentences
Goldilocks -Character Count Numbers to 20 Folk Heroes Living Things Review
Week 24 E here, go, from • Informal Letter • Capital Letters & Periods • Share Information and Ideas
• Verbs am, is, are, was and were
Antarctica -Classify & Categorize Count Numbers to 20 Cultures: Alike and Different Earth and Sky
Week 25 E here, go, from Abuela, flock, airport, adventure, city, harbor • List • Pronouns I & Me Abuela -Setting Count Numbers to 20 Learning About History Earth and Sky
Week 26 J & W yellow, blue, green plane, subway, ferryboat, jetway, tunnel, sidecar • Caption
• Questions
Max Takes the Train -Realism & Fantasy Compose and Decompose 11 to 19 Talking About Time Earth and Sky
Week 27 X yellow, blue, green rescue, yacht, mechanic, pilot, sailor, shimmering • Rhyme • Question Marks & Uppercase Letters Mayday! Mayday! -Cause & Effect Compose and Decompose 11 to 19 Measuring Time Earth and Sky
Week 28 U what, said, was trailers, haul, truckers, cabs, steering wheel, headlight • Poem
• Prepositions
Trucks Roll
-Compare & Contrast
Compose and Decompose 11 to 19 Timelines Earth and Sky
Week 29 U what, said, was engine, passenger, mountain, tracks, roundhouse, valley • Formal Letter
• Nouns
The Little Engine Could -Plot Identify and Describe Shapes My Personal History Earth and Sky
Week 30 V & Z where, come travel, llama, submarine, kayak, dogsled, double-decker bus On the Move!
-Main Idea
Earth and Sky Review Identify and Describe Shapes Celebrations Needs
Week 31 Y & Q where, come cable car, horse-and-buggy, metro line, trolley, skis, vaporetto • How-to Report
• Verbs
This is the Way to School -Draw Conclusions Analyze Compare and Create Shapes Wants Earth and Sky Review
Week 32 Review A & I here, do, little, with, what groundbreaking, foundation, waterproof, trenches, welding, gleaming • List
• Pronouns I & Me
Building with Dad
-Compare & Contrast
Analyze Compare and Create Shapes Getting What We Need and Want Solving Problems
Week 33 Review O where, is, go, that, come saw, hammer, file, drill, screwdriver, chisel • Song
• Prepositional Phrases
Old MacDonald -Character Analyze Compare and Create Shapes Using Money Solving Problems
Week 34 Review E the, was, to, like, from beaver, paddle, stream, lodge, river, lake • Rhyme
• Telling Sentences
Building Beavers
-Main Idea
Compare Measurable Attributes Jobs That People Do Solving Problems
Week 35 Review U for, my, of, we, yellow gathered, drifting, island, distant, voyage, aboard • Rhyme
• Questions
Allstair & Kip’s Adventure
Compare Measurable Attributes Making Choices Solving Problems Review
Week 36 Review have, they, four, two, blue architect, plumbers, landscapers, movers electricians, painters, • Poem
• Exclamations
The House Tony Lives In -Setting Compare Measurable Attributes Goods and Services Solving Problems Review
Week 37 Review you, see, said, look, three colony, chambers, twigs, underground, silk, pebbles • Report
• Complete Sentences
-Draw Conclusions
Review Review Review
Week 38 • Review • Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice • Review • Review • Review
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