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Fifth Grade Year Overview
week Word Study Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Strategies & Skills Language and Writing Main Text Math Social Studies Science
Week 1 none none none • Writing Your Name
• Introducing Yourself
• Following Directions
Teacher’s Choice Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations
Week 2 Homographs Context Clues compressions, minute, neutral, grumbled, insistently, intentionally, normally • Character and Plot
• Monitor and Clarify
• Four Kinds of Sentences
• Interview
• Giving Directions
Red Kayak Whole-Number Place Value Ancient Civilizations Answering Questions
Week 3 Homonyms Context Clues branded, constructed, devastation, daintily, resourceful, lullaby, thieving, pitch, veins • Cause and Effect
• Summarize
• Subjects and Predicates
• Storytelling
• Identifying Voice
Thunder Rose Decimal Place Value Adapting to Different Places Drawing Conclusions
Week 4 Unknown Words Dictionary lair, ravine, shellfish, gnawed, headland, kelp, sinew • Theme and Setting
• Inferring
• Independent and Dependent Clauses
• How-to
• Focus on important details
Island of the Blue Dolphins Adding and Subtracting Decimals Cultures Introduction to Matter
Week 5 Antonyms Context Clues confidence, outfield, windup, fastball, mocking, unique, weakness • Fact and Opinion
• Questioning
• Compound and Complex Sentences
• Sportscast
• Word Choice
Satchel Paige Adding and Subtracting Decimals Technology and Exploration Comparing Matter
Week 6 Multiple-Meaning Words barren, deafening, prying, lurched, previous, surveying • Cause and Effect • Text Structure • Common, Proper, & Collective Nouns
• Job Advertisement
• Problem-and-solution structure
Ten Mile Day Multiplying Whole Numbers Spanish Explorers Measuring Matter
Week 7 Review Review Review Review
Teacher’s ChoiceReview Multiplying Whole Numbers The Columbia Exchange Mixtures and Solutions
Week 8 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues driftwood, hammocks, tweezers, algae, concealed, lamented, sea urchins, sternly • Compare and Contrast
• Visualize
• Regular & Irregular Plural Nouns
• Talk Show
• Using A Variety of Sentences
At the Beach Multiplying Decimals Spanish Colonies in the Americas Physical and Chemical Changes
Week 9 Unknown Words Dictionary canteen, glory, stallion, confederacy, quarrel, rebellion, union • Sequence
• Inferring
• Possessive Nouns
• Informational Speech
• Informal Letter
Hold the Flag High Multiplying Decimals English Colonies in Virginia Properties of Matter Review
Week 10 Greek and Latin Roots gratitude, procession, behavior, benefactor, distribution, recommend, sacred, traditions • Compare and Contrast
• Story Structure
• Action and Linking Verbs
• Readers’ Theater
• Organizing a Poem
The Ch;i-lin Purse Dividing by 2-Digit Divisors Pilgrims and Puritans in New England Multiplying Decimals
Week 11 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues Hogan, mesa, turquoise, bandana, bracelet, jostled, Navajo • Author’s Purpose
• Monitor and Clarify
• Main and Helping Verbs
• Panel Discussion
• Personal Narrative
A Summer’s Trade Dividing by 2-Digit Divisors French and Dutch in North America Changes in Forces
Week 12 Endings –s, -ed, -ing fearless, glimmer, somber, fate, lingers, magnified, steed • Author’s Purpose
• Background Knowledge
• Subject-Verb Agreement
• Documentary
• Sensory Words
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Dividing Decimals New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies Constructing and Argument
Week 13 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Dividing Decimals Daily Life in the Colonies Shadows
Week 14 Multiple-Meaning Words applauds, inspecting, project browsing, fabulous • Sequence • Summarize • Past, Present, Future Tenses
• Play Review
• Play
The Fabulous Perpetual Motion Machine Review Slavery in the Colonies Forces and Motion Review
Week 15 Greek and Latin Roots architect, bronze, cannon, achieved, depressed, fashioned, midst, philosopher, rival • Main Idea and Details
• Visualize
• Principal Parts of Regular Verbs
• Newscast
• Using an Active Voice
Leonardo’s Horse Add and Subtract Fractions The French and Indian War Plant and Animal Structures
Week 16 Homonyms mold, tidied, workshop, erected, foundations, occasion, proportion • Fact and Opinion
• Predict and Set Purpose
• Principal Parts of Irregular Verbs
• Introduction
• Word Choice
The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers Tensions With Britain Plant Adaptations
Week 17 Antonyms barber, choir, teenager, appreciate, released, religious, slavery • Main Idea and Details
• Text Structure
• Troublesome Verbs
• Give Directions
• Description
Mahalia Jackson Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers and Fractions The Colonists Rebel Animal Adaptations
Week 18 Prefixes pre-, re- landscape, miniature, prehistoric, background, reassembled • Graphic Sources
• Important Ideas
• Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
• Advertisement
• Introduction and Conclusion
Special Effects Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers and Fractions Declaring Independence Modeling Adaptation
Week 19 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Multiply Fractions and Mixed Numbers On the Battlefield and at Home Growth and Survival Review
Week 20 Endings -ed,-ing, -s civilization, complex, fleeing, blunders, envy, inspired, rustling, strategy • Draw Conclusions
• Questioning
• Subject and Object Pronouns
• How-to
• Picture Book
Weslandia Multiply Fractions and Mixed Numbers Winning Independence Plants and the Sun
Week 21 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues Dalmatian, frilly, promenading, sprained, substitute • Generalize
• Predict and Set Purpose
• Pronouns and Antecedents
• Persuasive Speech
• Convey information informally
Tripping Over the Lunch Lady Divide Fractions and Mixed Numbers Articles of Confederation Organisms and Ecosystems
Week 22 Synonyms
Context Clues
scarce, specialize, sterile, critical, enables, mucus • Graphic Sources
• Important Ideas
• Possessive Pronouns
• Description
• Writing a Formal Letter
Exploding Ants Divide Fractions and Mixed Numbers Creating the Constitution Changing Ecosystems
Week 23 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues cavities, episode, strict, combination, demonstrates, profile • Generalize
• Story Structure
• Indefinite and Reflexive Pronouns
• Giving Advice
• Narrative Poem
The Stormi Giovanni Club Review The Bill of Rights Human Impact on Ecosystems
Week 24 Suffixes –ion, -ish bluish, skidded, somersault, cartwheels, limelight, gymnastics, throbbing, hesitation, wincing • Draw Conclusions
• Visualize
• Using Who and Whom
• Interview a Classmate
• Autobiographical Sketch
The Gymnast Volume Key Concepts of the Constitution Ecosystems Review
Week 25 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Volume Resources and Farming Water Cycle
Week 26 Greek and Latin Roots bellow, feat, savage, abandoned, attempt, cavern, immensely • Character and Plot
• Background Knowledge
• Contractions and Negatives
• Dramatization
• Rhyming Poem
The Skunk Ladder Customary Units of Measurement Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase Earth’s Spheres
Week 27 Unknown Words Glossary debris, robotic, sonar, cramped, interior, ooze, sediment • Graphic Sources
• Inferring
• Adjectives and Articles
• Media Literacy
• Note Taking
Titanic Metric Units of Measurement The War of 1812 Determining Weather
Week 28 Multiple-Meaning Words accomplishments, gravity, monitors, focus, role, specific • Author’s Purpose
• Monitor & Clarify
• This, That, These, and Those
• Storytelling
• Biographical Sketches
Talk With An Astronaut Represent and Interpret Data Native Americans and the Trail of Tears Precipitation
Week 29 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues armor, plunged, serpent, encases, extinct, hideous • Cause and Effect
• Summarize
• Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
• Interpret Fiction
• Audience and Purpose
Journey to the Center of the Earth Numerical Expressions Fight for Freedom Climate Characteristics
Week 30 Prefixes over-, in- economic, independence, vacant, overrun, scrawled • Generalize
• Questioning
• Using Adverbs
• Debate
• Summary
Ghost Towns of the American West Numerical Expressions Inventions, Roads, and Railroads Erosion and Deposition
Week 31 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Coordinate Plane The Lone Star State Water Cycle and Weather Review
Week 32 Unknown Words Dictionary bizarre, headline, roost, breathtaking, high-pitched, vital • Draw Conclusions
• Important Ideas
• Modifiers
• Debate
• Journal Entry
The Truth About Austin’s Amazing Bats Coordinate Plane Trails to the West Model of Earth
Week 33 Endings -s, -es decay, parasites, tundra, bleached, carcasses, scrawny, starvation, suspicions • Main Idea and Details
• Text Structure
• Conjunctions
• Interview
• Mystery
The Mystery of Saint Matthew Island Patterns The California Gold Rush The Sun as a Star
Week 34 Suffixes -less, -ful adorn, cleanse, spoonful, lifeless, precious, realm • Compare and Contrast
• Story Structure
• Commas
• Storytelling
• Parody
King Midas and the Golden Touch Patterns Civil War Before Identifying Planets
Week 35 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues cruised, explosion, hydrogen, criticizing, drenching, era • Fact and Opinion
• Predict and Set Purpose
• Quotations and Quotation Marks
• Review
• Media Literacy
The Hindenburg Classify 2-D Figures Civil War During Outer and Inner Planets
Week 36 Homographs Context Clues clarinet, jammed, nighttime, bass, fidgety, forgetful, secondhand • Sequence
• Background Knowledge
• Punctuation
• Readers’ Theater
• Personal Narrative
Sweet Music in Harlem Classify 2-D Figures Civil War After Satellite Differences
Week 37 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Review Review Earth and Space Review
Week 38 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Review Review Review
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