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Fourth Grade Year Overview
week Word Study Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Strategies & Skills Language and Writing Main Text Math Social Studies Science
Week 1 none none none • Writing Your Name
• Introducing Yourself
• Following Directions
Teacher’s Choice Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations
Week 2 Suffixes Word Structure memorial, prideful, selecting, grand, peculiar, positive, recalls • Sequence
• Summarize
• Declarative & Interrogative Sentence
• Retelling a story from a new point of view
• Using Vivid Words
Because of Winn-Dixie Place Value In Social Studies In Science
Week 3 Word Endings Word Structure docks, migrating, scent, scan, wharf, yearned • Author’s Purpose • Questioning • Imperative & Exclamatory Sentence
• Introduction
• Organizing Around a Main Idea
Lewis and Clark and Me Place Value Land and Regions In Science
Week 4 Multiple-Meaning Words Dictionary badger, jointed, rushes, bank, bristled, patched, ruffled • Character, Setting, and Plot
• Background Knowledge
• Complete Subject & Predicate
• Speaking to inform
• Using Voice
On the Banks of Plum Creek Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction Weather and Climate Forms of Energy
Week 5 Synonyms & Antonyms Context Clues lassoed, prairie, riverbed, bargain, favor, offended, shrieked • Author’s Purpose
• Story Structure
• Compound Sentence
• Speaking in front of an audience
• Comma Use
The Horned Toad Prince Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction Regions and Resources Sound
Week 6 Suffixes -ist, -ive, -ness glacier, slopes, wilderness, impressive, naturalist, preserve, species • Main Idea and Details
• Text Structure
• Complex Sentences
• Inform and Entertain
• Using voice to establish the speaker
Letters Home from Yosemite Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers People and the Land Light
Week 7 Review Review Review Review
Teacher’s Choice Review Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers Economy Light Model
Week 8 Prefixes and Suffixes hoop, jersey, rim, fouled, marveled, speechless, swatted, unbelievable • Cause and Effect
• Background Knowledge
• Common & Proper Nouns
• Describing action
• Figurative Language
What Jo Did Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers Trade and Markets Types of Thermal Energy
Week 9 Unknown Words Dictionary coyote, roundup, spurs, bawling, dudes • Draw Conclusions
• Story Structure
• Regular Plural Noun
• Speaking to inform
• Writing to inform
Coyote School News Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers People and Economy Transferring Energy
Week 10 Prefixes Word Structure argument, descendants, script, advice, arrangements, dishonest, snag • Draw Conclusions
• Questioning
• Irregular Plural Nouns
• Readers’ Theater
• Using Descriptive Language
Scene Two Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers A Global Economy Waves Model
Week 11 Unknown Words Dictionary infested, landslide, roamed, ambition, quicksand, resistance, rickety, vast • Fact and Opinion
• Monitor and Clarif
• Singular Possessive Noun
• Interview
• Introduction Paragraph
Horse Heroes Dividing by 1-Digit Numbers Principles of Government Transfer of Energy Review
Week 12 Unknown Words Dictionary Constitution, howling politics, humble, responsibility, solemnly, vain • Main Idea and Details
• Inferring
• Plural Possessive Nouns
• Discussion
• Using Transition Words
So You Want to Be President Dividing by 1-Digit Numbers How Government Works Mass and Motion
Week 13 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Review Rights and Responsibility Patterns and Speed
Week 14 Multiple-Meaning Words Context Clues atmosphere, chemical, scales, apprentice, club, manufacturing, pressure, essay • Graphic Sources
• Important Ideas
• Action and Linking Verbs
• Persuasive Speech
• Poem Organization
The Man Who Named the Clouds Solving Word Problems Land of the Northeast Speed and Energy
Week 15 Multiple-Meaning Words Context Clue bluff, lagoon, tropical, biologist, massive, rumbling • Fact and Opinion
• Text Structure
• Main & Helping Verbs
• Interview
• Voice
Adelina’s Whales Solving Word Problems Resources in the Northeast Force and Motion Review
Week 16 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues brilliant, chorus, shimmering, coward, gleamed • Generalize
• Visualize
• Subject-Verb Agreement
• Readers’ Theater
• Using a Variety of Sentences
How Night Came from the Sea Factors and Multiples Birthplace of the USA Electricity Introduction
Week 17 Root Words
Word Structure
destruction, shatter, surge, expected, forecasts, inland • Cause and Effect
• Predict and Set Purpose
• Past, Present, Future, Tenses
• Weather Broadcast
• Formal Letter
Eye of the Storm Extend Understanding of Fractions Growth and Change in the Northeast Electricity Changing to Light and Heat
Week 18 Suffixes Word Structure harness, lumberjacks, thaw, announcement, feature, requirements, unnatural, untamed • Generalize
• Inferring
• Irregular Verbs
• How-to
• Using a variety of sentences
Paul Bunyan Extend Understanding of Fractions The Northeast Today Converting Energy
Week 19 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Adding and Subtracting Fractions Land and Water of the Southeast Electricity Review
Week 20 Synonyms and Antonyms beakers, lecture, microscope, analysis, hollow, identity, precise, relentless • Compare and Contrast
• Visualize
• Singular & Plural Pronouns
• Creating Realistic Dialogue
• Advertisement
The Case of the Gasping Garbage Adding and Subtracting Fractions Climate of the Southeast Classifying Plants and Animals
Week 21 Multiple-Meaning Words aquarium, dolphins, flexible, enchanted, glimpses, pulses, surface • Compare and Contrast
• Summarize
• Kinds of Pronouns
• Express an Opinion
• Use vivid nouns and adjectives
Encantado Adding and Subtracting Fractions A Land of Many Resources Plant Reproduction
Week 22 Unknown Words Dictionary exhausting, intense, messages, advance, developed, impossible, headquarters, reveal • Sequence
• Important Ideas
• Pronouns and Antecedents
• Interview
• Writing Instructions
Navajo Code Talkers Multiplication Concepts and Fractions Settling in the Southeast Plants Making Food
Week 23 Greek and Latin Root Words scholars, temple, uncover, ancient, link, seeker, translate, triumph • Graphic Sources
• Predict and Set Purpose
• Possessive Pronouns
• Retelling
• Stating the Main Idea
Seeker of Knowledge Multiplication Concepts and Fractions Southern Life Structures and Functions Reviews
Week 24 Synonyms and Antonyms lizards, reptiles, salamanders, amphibians, crime, exhibit, reference, stumped • Character and Plot
• Monitor and Clarify
• Contractions and Negatives
• Idioms
• Using Strong Active Verbs
Encyclopedia Brown Review In the Heart of the Nation Animals and Their Environment
Week 25 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Line Plots Resources and Farming Animal Parts and Functions
Week 26 Homographs concentrating, parachute, underbrush, dedication, essential, method, steer, wind • Author’s Purpose
• Important Ideas
• Adjectives and Articles
• Dramatization
• Complete Sentences
Smokejumpers Understanding Decimals Settling in the Midwest Responding to an Environment
Week 27 Greek and Latin Roots ruins, terraced, thickets, curiosity, glorious, granite, torrent • Compare and Contrast
• Visualize
• Adverbs
• Informing listeners
• Combining Sentences
Lost City Understanding Decimals The Midwest on the Move How Organisms Process Information Review
Week 28 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues coil, rappel, ridge, descent, foresaw, shaft, trekked, void • Character, Plot, and Theme
• Story Structure
• Comparatives and Superlatives
• How-to Demonstration
• Using exact language
Cliff Hanger Comparing Decimals Southwestern Land and Water Fossil Formation
Week 29 Greek and Latin Prefixes continent, depart, icebergs, anticipation, convergence, forbidding, heaves • Main Idea and Details
• Text Structure
• Time-order Words
• Discussion
• Showing Purpose
Antarctic Journal Unit Conversions Climate of the Southwest Analyzing Fossils
Week 30 Synonyms rille, runt, trench, loomed staggered, summoning, taunted, trudged • Draw Conclusions
• Monitor and Clarify
• Prepositions
• Listening attentively
• Sentences
Moonwalk Unit Conversions The Southwest’s Past Weathering and Erosion Introduction
Week 31 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Review Growth of the Southwest Weathering and Erosion Effects
Week 32 Root Words Word Structure generations, pulpit, shielding, avoided, ancestors, minister, numerous • Cause and Effect
• Questioning
• Correlative Conjunctions
• Defining new terms
• Discussion
My Brother Martin Patterns Life in a Dry Land Weathering and Erosion Review
Week 33 Multiple-Meaning Words dormitory, endurance, manual, boarding school, reservation, society • Fact and Opinion
• Summarize
• Capitalization and Abbreviations
• Vary Sentence Beginning
• How-to
Bright Path Angles A Varied Land Earth’s Features
Week 34 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues colonel, lurking, palettes, affords, glint, quaint, resemblance • Sequence
• Inferring
• Commas
• Debate
• Word Choice
How Tía Lola Came to Stay Angles Climate of the West Natural Resources
Week 35 Unfamiliar Words Context Clues abundance, backdrop, graze, ceremonial, drought, shock • Generalize
• Predict and Set Purpose
• Quotation and Quotation Marks
• Unnecessary Words
• Readers’ Theater
A Gift From the Heart Lines, Angles, and Shapes Western Resources Slow and Rapid Changes
Week 36 Multiple-Meaning Words Context Clues capsule, horizon, module, astronauts, hatch, lunar, quarantine • Graphic Sources
• Background Knowledge
• Titles
• Informational
• Commas
The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon Lines, Angles, and Shapes Growth of the West Building a Structure
Week 37 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Review The West Today Earth Processes Review
Week 38 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Review Review Review
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