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Second Grade Year Overview
week Phonics Word Families Sight Words & Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Strategies & Skills Language and Writing Main Text Math Social Studies Science
Week 1 Review Consonant and Vowel Sounds none none • Writing Your Name
• Introducing Yourself
• Following Directions
Teacher’s Choice Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations
Week 2 Short Vowels & Consonants someone, somewhere, friend, country, beautiful, front • Character & Setting
• Monitor & Clarify
• Why Speak/Listen
• Sentences
• Personal Narrative
The Twin Club Fluently Add and Subtract within 20 Community Rules Scientist Skills
Week 3 Long Vowels CVCe everywhere, live, work, woman, machines, move, world • Main Idea & Details
• Text Structure
• Be a Good Speaker
• Subjects
• Expository Nonfiction
Exploring Space with An Astronaut Fluently Add and Subtract within 20 Making Choices A Scientist’s Tools
Week 4 Consonant Blends couldn’t, love, build, mother, bear, father, straight • Character and Setting
• Monitor & Fix Up
• Purposes of Media
• Predicates
• Realistic Fiction
Henry and Mudge Work With Equal Groups Roles at School Answers and Data
Week 5 Inflected Endings –s, -ed, -ing water, eyes, early, animals, full, warm • Main Idea & Details
• Text Structure
• Declarative & Interrogative Sentences
• Narrate a story in sequence
• Brief Report
A Walk in the Desert Work With Equal Groups Roles in Your Community Properties of Matter
Week 6 Consonant Digraphs -ch, tch, sh, th, wh together, very, learn, often, though, gone, pieces • Facts & Details
• Monitor & Fix Up
• Present a Dramatic Interpretation
• Imperative & Exclamatory Sentences
• Scene from a Play
The Strongest One Addition Strategies within 100 The Choices You Make and You Solids, Liquids, Gases
Week 7 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Addition Strategies within 100 Review Solids, Liquids, Gases
Week 8 r-Controlled Vowels ar, or, ore, oar family, once, pull, listen, heard, break • Cause & Effect
• Summarize
• Give/Follow Instructions
• Nouns
• Narrative Nonfiction
Tare and Tiree Fluently Add within 100 Needs and Wants Testing Materials
Week 9 Contractions n’t, ‘s,‘ll, ‘m laugh, great, you’re, either, certainly, second, worst • Author’s Purpose
• Text Structure
• Purposes of Media
• Proper Nouns
• Biography
Abraham Lincoln Fluently Add within 100 Service Workers and Their Jobs Design a Structure
Week 10 r-Controlled Vowels er, ir, ur enough, toward, above, ago, word, whole • Facts & Details
• Background Knowledge
• Ask & Answer Questions
• Singular/Plural Nouns
• Expository Nonfiction
Scarcity Subtraction Strategies within 100 Producing and Consuming Goods Properties of Matter Review
Week 11 Plurals -s, -es, -ies people, sign, shall, bought, probably, pleasant, scared • Cause & Effect
• Story Structure
• Recognize/Explain Purposes of Media
• Plural Nouns
• Fairy Tale
The Bremen Town Musicians Subtraction Strategies within 100 Trading for Goods and Services Changing Matter
Week 12 Long A a, ai, ay door, behind, brought, minute, promise, sorry, everybody • Compare & Contrast
• Inferring
• Give/Follow Instructions
• Possessive Nouns
• Folk Tale
One Good Turn Deserves Another Fluently Subtract within 100 Making Choices About Money Changing Matter
Week 13 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Fluently Subtract within 100 Review Different States of Matter
Week 14 Long E e, ee, ea, y science, shoe, won, guess, village, pretty, watch • Author’s Purpose
• Questioning
• Make Introductions
• Verbs
• Animal Fantasy
Pearl and Wagner Solving Word Problems Life Then and Now Reversing Change
Week 15 Long O o, oa, ow picture, school, answer, wash, parents, company, faraway • Draw Conclusion
• Visualize
• Solve Problems
• Verbs with Singular and Plural Nouns
• Friendly Letter
Dear Juno Solving Word Problems Learning About the Past Observing Matter
Week 16 Compound Words today, whatever, caught, believe, been, finally, tomorrow • Compare & Contrast
• Summarize
• Summarize Information
• Verbs for past, present, & future
• Narrative Poem
Anansi Goes Fishing Work with Time Stories from the Past and Present Changes to Matter Review
Week 17 Long I i, ie, igh, y their, many, alone, buy, half, youngest, daughters • Sequence
• Predict/Set Purpose
• Give a Description
• More about verbs
• Realistic Fiction
Rosa and Blanca Work with Time Technology Then and Now Plants and Animal Parts
Week 18 Comparative Endings -er, -est only, question, clothes, money, hours, neighbor, taught • Fact & Opinion
• Inferring
• Describe Media Techniques
• Verbs: am, is, are, was, were
• Organization
A Weed is A Flower Work with Money Technology Analysis Plants, Animals, and Habitats
Week 19 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Work with Money Technology in Our Community Relationships in Habitats
Week 20 Final Syllables -le perfect, pond, splashing, clearing, crashed, spilling, traveled • Draw Conclusions
• Background Knowledge
• Describe Media Techniques
• Adjectives and Our Senses
• Friendly Letter
A Froggy Fable Numbers to 1,000 Dealing with Disagreement What Plants Need
Week 21 Vowels oo, u bumpy, harvest, vine, fruit, root, smooth, soil • Sequence
• Important Ideas
• Make an Announcement
• Adjectives for Number, Size, and Shape
• Expository Nonfiction
Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Numbers to 1,000 Dealing with Disagreement Testing What a Plant Needs
Week 22 Diphthongs ou, ow, oi,oy grains, substances, texture, materials, particles, seeps • Fact and Opinion
• Question
• Speak Well
• Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
• Short Expository Report
Soil Addition Strategies within 1000 Location and Maps Plants’ Reproduction
Week 23 Syllable Patterns balance, canyons, coral, rattle, slivers, sway, whisper • Plot and Theme
• Visualize
• Describe Media Techniques
• Adverbs that tell when and where
• Narrative Poem
The Night the Moon Fell Addition Strategies within 1000 Earth and Its Features Develop a Model for Plants
Week 24 Vowels oo, ue, ew, ui awaken, mountain, rainbow, cliffs, prize, suffer, volcano • Plot and Theme • Monitor/Clarify • Give an Oral Summary
• Adverbs that Tell how
• Thank-You Note
The First Tortilla Subtraction Strategies within 1000 Earth’s Features and Us Relationships in Habitats Review
Week 25 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Subtraction Strategies within 1000 People Around the Earth Landforms
Week 26 Suffixes –ly, -ful, -er, - or, -ish burning, masks, station, building, quickly, roar, tightly • Fact and Opinion
• Important Ideas
• Identify Cultural Characteristics
• Pronouns
• Narrative Nonfiction
Fire Fighter Measuring Length Being a Good Citizen Bodies of Water
Week 27 Prefixes un-, re-, pre-, dis- annoy, shrugs, signature, complain, mumbles, P.M. • Cause & Effect
• Visualize
• Give a Demonstration
• Singular & Plural Pronouns
• Realistic Fiction
Carl the Complainer Measuring Length Rights as Citizens The Water Cycle
Week 28 Silent Consonants chased, practice, treat, chewing, dripping, grabbed, wagged • Plot & Theme
• Background Knowledge
• Listen for Facts & Opinions
• Using I and Me
• Journal Entry
Bad Dog, Dodger! Operations with Length Our Leaders Earth’s Water
Week 29 Ph, gh, ck, ng climbed, exploring, wondered, adventure, truest, clubhouse, greatest • Character & Setting
• Ask Questions
• Maintain Focus in Narrative Presentation
• Different Kinds of Pronouns
• Animal Fantasy
Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores Operations with Length Our Values Create a Model of Earth
Week 30 Aw, au, augh, al idea, signmaker, townspeople, afternoon, blame, important • Main Idea & Details
• Monitor and Fix Up
• Identify & Speak to Audience
• Contractions
• Humorous Fiction
The Signmaker’s Assistant Graphs and Data Government and Me The Earth’s Land and Water Review
Week 31 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Graphs and Data Graphs and Probability Ways the Earth Changes
Week 32 Inflected Endings field, plate, threw, bases, cheers, sailed • Compare & Contrast
• Monitor and Clarify
• Use Vocabulary to Express Ideas
• Using Capital Letters
• Realistic Fiction
Just Like Josh Gibson Graphs and Data Culture in Our Community How the Earth Changes
Week 33 Abbreviations America, birthday, stars, flag, freedom, nickname, stripes • Author’s Purpose
• Summarize
• Evaluate Advertisements
• Question Marks
• Descriptive Poem
Red, White, and Blue: The Story of the American Flag Shapes and Their Attributes What We Celebrate Fossils and the History of Earth
Week 34 Syllables –ion, -tion, - ture basket, collects, present, aunt, bank, favorite • Draw Conclusions
• Questioning
• Listen to a Description
• Prepositions
• Invitation Letter
A Birthday Basket for Tia Shapes and Their Attributes Cultural Stories Changes to Earth’s Land
Week 35 Suffixes –ible,-able, -ness, -less cattle, cowboy, heard, campfire, galloped, railroad, trails • Sequence
• Text Structure
• Identify Written Conventions
• Commas
• Compare and Contrast Text
Cowboys Shapes and Their Attributes Two Cultures Preventing Erosion
Week 36 Prefixes mis-, mid-, micro-, non assembly, microphone, rallies, election, slogan, speeches • Facts and Details
• Predict & Set Purpose
• Listen for Speaker’s Purpose
• Commas in Compound Sentences
• Persuasive Statements
Grace for President Review Review(Government) Changes to Earth’s Land Review
Week 37 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Division Concepts and Facts Review Review
Week 38 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Review Review
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