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Third Grade Year Overview
week Phonics Word Families Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Strategies & Skills Language and Writing Main Text Math Social Studies Science
Week 1 none none none • Writing Your Name
• Introducing Yourself
• Following Directions
Teacher’s Choice Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations Classroom Rules and Expectations
Week 2 Short Vowels: VC/CV bat, battery, plug, blew, fuel, term, vision • Character, Setting, and Theme
• Background Knowledge
• Simple Sentences
• Giving a News Report
• Word Choice and Sensory Details
When Charlie McButton Lost Power Introduction to Multiplication Community Rules Talking Like A Scientist
Week 3 Plurals -s, -es, -ies carpenter, thread, carpetmaker, plenty, knowledge, marketplace, merchant, straying • Sequence • Summarize • Nouns (Places)
• Follow Instructions
What About Me? Introduction to Division Meeting Our Needs and Wants Acting Like a Scientist
Week 4 Endings -ed, -ing, -er, -est gear, parka, willow, splendid, twitch, yanked • Sequence
• Visualize
• Declarative and Interrogative Sentences
• Telling a Story
• Organization: Headings
Kumak’s Fish Multiplication Facts: Using Patterns Producers and Consumers Describing Weather
Week 5 Long Vowel Digraphs ee, ea; ai, ay; oa, ow laundry, section, shelves, spoiled, store, thousands, treaded, variety • Compare and Contrast
• Background Knowledge
• Imperative and Exclamatory Sentences
• Panel Discussion
• Voice: Showing Personality
Supermarket Multiplication Facts: Using Patterns Exchanging Goods and Services Collecting Weather Data
Week 6 Vowel Diphthongs ou, ow; oi, oy arranged, bundles, unwrapped, dangerously, errands, excitedly, steady, wobbled • Author’s Purpose
• Story Structure
• Compound Sentences
• Giving an Oral Book Report
• Using Different Kinds of Sentences
My Rows and Piles of Coins Additional Multiplication Facts Spending and Saving Different Climates
Week 7 Review Review Review Review
Teacher’s Choice Review Additional Multiplication Facts Many Different Jobs Local Weather Hazard
Week 8 Syllable Patterns V/CV, VC/V hatch, pecks, preen, cuddles, flippers, frozen, snuggles • Main Idea and Details
• Monitor and Clarify
• Common & Proper Nouns
• Informational Speech
• Figurative Language
Penguin Chick Division Facts Our Democracy Weather and Climate Review
Week 9 Final Syllable -le adorable, iguana, trophies, compassionate, exactly, mature, mention • Compare and Contrast
• Visualize
• Singular & Plural Nouns
• Vivid Verbs
• Persuasive Speech
I Wanna Iguana Division Facts Branches of Government Defining Motion
Week 10 Compound Words butterflies, collection, shoelaces, enormous, scattered, strain • Draw Conclusions
• Questioning
• Irregular Plural Nouns
• Presentation
• Clear Writing Purpose
Prudy’s Problem Fluently Multiply and Divide within 100 Levels of Government Gravity
Week 11 Consonant Blends squ, spl, thr, str bottom, crops, partners, cheated, clever, lazy, wealth • Author’s Purpose
• Predict and Set Purpose
• Singular Possessive Nouns
• Interview
• Conventions: Salutations
Tops & Bottoms Fluently Multiply and Divide within 100 Good Citizens, Good Deeds Investigating Motion
Week 12 Consonant Digraphs sh, th, ph, ch, ng bill, goo, tons, hunters, material, platform, twigs • Main Idea and Details
• Text Structure
• Plural Possessive Nouns
• Paragraphs
• Descriptions
Amazing Bird Nests Fluently Multiply and Divide within 100 Taking Action for Our Rights Forces and Motion Review
Week 13 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Area, Multiplication, and Addition Taking Action for a Cause Energy Introduction
Week 14 Contractions area, grapevine, raisin, artificial, preservative, proof, raise • Draw Conclusions
• Important Ideas
• Action and Linking Verbs
• Persuading
• Voice
How Do You Raise a Raisin Area, Multiplication, and Addition Review Light, Heat, and Sound
Week 15 Prefixes un-, re-, mis-, dis-, non- antlers, languages, poked, imagined, narrator, overhead • Character, Setting, and Plot • Inferring • Main and Helping Verbs
• Dramatization
• Sentence Variation
Pushing Up the Sky Represent and Interpret Data New Ways to Travel Electrical Energy
Week 16 Spelling soft g, soft c, ck ladle, patterns, temperature, dim, gas, gigantic, shine • Graphic Sources
• Text Structure
• Subject and Verb Agreement
• Giving Important Info
• Commas and Capitalization
Seeing Stars Represent and Interpret Data A New Home in America Magnets
Week 17 Suffixes -ly, -ful, -ness, -less, -able, -ible bay, blizzards, surrounded, anxiously, melody, channel, supplies, chipped, symphony • Generalize
• Story Structure
• Past, Present, Future Verb Tenses
• Description
• Writing Clearly
A Symphony of Whales Use Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract New Ways to Communicate Solve a Problem with Magnets
Week 18 Consonant Patterns wr, kn, gn, st, mb search, stinging, survivors, incredible, topic, lofty, unseen, noble, waterless • Cause and Effect
• Predict and Set Purpose
• Irregular Verbs
• Oral Report
• Word Choice
Around One Cactus Use Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract New Ideas Energy and Its Forms Review
Week 19 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Fluently Add and Subtract within 1000 Land and Water Classifying Plants
Week 20 Irregular Plurals basketball, freeze, guard, disease, popular, sports, study, terrible • Generalize
• Summarize
• Singular & Plural Pronouns
• Presentation
• Conjunctions
The Man Who Invented Basketball Fluently Add and Subtract within 1000 Weather and Climate A Plant’s Life Cycle
Week 21 r-Controlled Vowels erupted, outrun, tides, average, depth, deserts, peak, waterfalls • Graphic Sources
• Important Ideas
• Subject & Object Pronoun
• Making an Announcement
• Complex Sentences
Hottest Coldest Highest Deepest Multiply by Multiples of 10 Using Earth’s Resources A Plant’s Life Cycle
Week 22 Prefixes pre-, mid-, over-, out-, bi-, de- chores, labeled, stamps, attic, board, customer, spare • Fact and Opinion
• Inferring
• Possessive Pronouns
• Using Formal Language
• Combining Sentences
Rocks in His Head Solving Word Problems Interacting with the Environment Plants Review
Week 23 Suffixes -er, -or, -ess, -ist celebrate, current, medals, continued, drowned, stirred, strokes • Fact and Opinion • Questioning • Contractions
• Describing Actions
• Subheadings
America’s Champion Swimmer Solving Word Problems Review Classifying Animals
Week 24 Syllable Pattern VCCCV gully, reeds, valley, clutched, echoed, scrambled, thatch • Cause and Effect
• Monitor and Clarify
• Prepositions
• Book Review
• Time-Order Transition Words
Fly, Eagle, Fly! Understanding Fractions People and Cultures Animal Traits
Week 25 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Understanding Fractions Culture Through the Arts An Animal’s Life Cycle
Week 26 Syllable Patterns CV/VC festival, handkerchief, snug, cotton, graceful, paces, pale, rhythm • Compare and Contrast
• Visualize
• Adjectives and Articles
• Introductions
• Supporting Details
Suki’s Kimono Understanding Fractions Cultural Celebrations Animals Review
Week 27 Homophones bouquet, circus, pier, difficult, nibbling, soars, swallow • Main Idea and Details
• Inferring
• Comparative & Superlative Adjectives
• Dramatization
• Consistent Verb Tense
I Love Saturdays y domingos Fraction Equivalence and Comparison Our Nation’s Diversity Living and Nonliving
Week 28 Vowel Patterns a, au, aw, al, augh, ough airport, delicious, raindrops, cellar, curious, described, farewell, homesick, memories • Sequence
• Monitor and Clarify
• Adverbs
• Song or Poem
• Figurative Language
Good-Bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong Fraction Equivalence and Comparison What Makes A Community? Energy Through an Ecosystem
Week 29 Long a, e, i Spelled ei or eigh bakery, batch, dough, boils, braided, ingredients, mixture • Draw Conclusions
• Summarize
• Comparative & Superlative Adverbs
• Persuasion
• Write Clearly
Jalapeño Bagels Fraction Equivalence and Comparison Types of Community? Traits and Ecosystems
Week 30 Suffixes -y, -ish, -hood, -ment cardboard, feast, treasure, fierce, flights, pitcher, ruined, stoops • Author’s Purpose
• Background Knowledge
• Conjunctions
• Retelling
• Proofreading
Me and Uncle Romie Time Three Types of Community Organisms and the Environment Review
Week 31 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Capacity America’s First People Ecosystem Changes
Week 32 Vowels Sounds in moon and foot crown, liberty, torch, models, symbol, tablet, unforgettable, unveiled • Fact and Opinion
• Questioning
• Capital Letters
• Giving Information
• Paraphrase
The Story of the Statue of Liberty Mass Early Explorers Fossils
Week 33 Schwa foreign, narrow, recipe, bows, chilly, foolish, perches • Cause and Effect
• Inferring
• Abbreviations
• Express an Opinion
• Organization
Happy Birthday Mr. Kang Perimeter Early Spanish Communities Environmental Problems
Week 34 Final Syllables -tion, -ion, -ture, -ive, -ize encourages, expression, native, local, settled, social, support • Graphic Sources
• Important Ideas
• Combining Sentences
• Talk Show
• Sensory Details
Talking Walls Solving Perimeter Problems Early French Communities Understand Change in Environments Review
Week 35 Prefixes im-, in- crystal, discovery, scoop, disappeared, goal, journey, joyful, unaware • Plot and Theme
• Story Structure
• Commas
• Description
• Dialogue
Two Bad Ants Attributes of 2D Shapes Early English Communities Engineering and Design
Week 36 Related Words aqueducts, crouched, pillar, content, guidance, honor, thermal • Generalize
• Inferring
• Quotations and Parentheses
• Song
• Choosing Adjectives
Atlantis Attributes of 2D Shapes Creating a New Nation Engineering and Design
Week 37 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Review Review Review
Week 38 Review Review • Review • Review Teacher’s Choice Review Review Review Review
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