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Fifth Grade Social Studies Pacing Guide
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Week 1 Fifth Grade Social Studies Introduction Classroom Rules and Expectations Students can follow the rule, understand procedures expectations, and create guidelines for social studies.


N/A Lesson Plans Resources
Week 2 The First Americans Ancient American Civilizations Students can describe the development of ancient America.

3.5e   7.5f

Unit 1.1 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 3 Adapting to Different Places Students can evaluate how Native American groups used local resources to survive.

7.5a   3.5f

Unit 1.2 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 4 Native American Cultures Students can describe the culture of Native American groups and how it affected their daily lives.

4.5e   4.5f   5.5e   5.5f  

Unit 1.3 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 5 Age of Exploration Technology Shapes Exploration Students can analyze the impact on exploration of technology and the lasting effects.

7.5g   8.5c  7.5c  8.5e

Unit 2.1 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 6 Explorers for Spain Students can explain the cause and effect for Spanish exploration in the new world.

1.5c   2.5b   8.5e

Unit 2.2 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 7 The Columbia Exchange Students can draw conclusions about the lasting impact of the Columbian Exchange on many cultures.

2.5c   4.5h   4.5i   7.5e

Unit 2.3 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 8 Settlements Take Root The Spanish Colony in the Americas Students can analyze the relationships between Spanish settlers and Native Americans.

1.5b   2.5c   3.5f   6.5d

Unit 3.1 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 9 The English Colonies in Virginia Students can summarize English settlement in Virginia.

1.5b   2.5c   3.5f   6.5i

Unit 3.2 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 10 Pilgrims and Puritans in New England Students can examine the religious and social reasons for the Pilgrims and Puritans to settle in New England.

4.5g   5.5g   5.5h   6.5g

Unit 3.3 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 11 The French and Dutch in North America Students can compare the settlements of the English, French, and Dutch.

1.5b   2.5c   3.5f   4.5a

Unit 3.4 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 12 Life in the Colonies New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies Students can analyze the role of religion and government in the New England colonies.

5.5f   5.5g   5.5e   6.5j

Unit 4.1 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 13 Daily Life in the Colonies Students can compare and contrast the daily lives of various social classes.

2.5c   5.5d   5.5g   5.5h

Unit 4.2 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 14 Slavery in the Colonies Students can describe the daily life of enslaved Africans and free Africans in the colonies.

2.5c   5.5d   5.5g   5.5h

Unit 4.3 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 15 The French and Indian War Students can illustrate the effects of conflict in Europe on French colonies, British colonies, and Native Americans.

1.5c   2.5b   6.5c   6.5j

Unit 4.4 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 16 The American Revolution Tensions with Britain Students can understand how the actions of the British government influenced colonist actions.

1.5c   2.5b   6.5g   6.5i

Unit 5.1 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 17 The Colonist Rebel Students can explain the cause and effects of the American Revolution.

1.5c   1.5d   2.5b   6.5j

Unit 5.2 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 18 Declaring Independence Students can describe how and why the colonists declared independence.

1.5c   1.5d   2.5b   6.5c

Unit 5.3 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 19 On the Battlefield and at Home Students can understand and compare the viewpoints of several parties during the American Revolution.

2.5b   2.5c   5.5b   5.5c

Unit 5.4 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 20 Winning Independence Students can summarize the outcomes of the colonists winning independence and the lasting effects.

4.5h   4.5i   5.5g   5.5h

Unit 5.5 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 21 A New Nation Articles of Confederation Students can explain the purpose of the Articles of Confederation and find the lasting impacts it had.

1.5d   6.5e   6.5h   6.5i

Unit 6.1 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 22 Creating the Constitution Students can compare the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution and the government outlined by the Constitution.

6.5a   6.5d   6.5e   6.5f 6.5g   6.5i

Unit 6.2 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 23 The Bill of Rights Students can illustrate how the Bill of Rights affects them in their daily lives.

6.5b   6.5g   4.5f   5.5g

Unit 6.3 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 24 Key Concepts of the Constitution Students can demonstrate the different roles in the government.

6.5d   6.5e   6.5h   6.5j

Unit 6.4 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 25 The Young Nation Grows Washington Takes Office Students can relate the role of the executive branch in the American government to the host country.

6.5b   6.5c   6.5d   6.5i

Unit 7.1 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 26 Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase Students can summarize the cause and effect of the Louisiana Purchase.

7.5e   7.5g   2.5b   2.5c

Unit 7.2 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 27 The War of 1812 Students can analyze the way the War of 1812 changed Americans viewpoint of themselves.

1.5d   2.5c   4.5e   5.5f

Unit 7.3 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 28 Native Americans and the Trail of Tears Students can identify the lasting effects of the Trail of Tears.

4.5h   4.5j   5.5f   5.5h

Unit 7.4 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 29 Women and African Americans Fight for Freedom Students can identify major events during women’s and African Americans’ fight for freedom.

4.5h   4.5j   5.5f   5.5h

Unit 7.5 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 30 Moving West Inventions, Roads, and Railroads Students can describe the consequences of advances in technology.

7.5c   8.5c   8.5d   8.5e

Unit 8.1 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 31 The Lone Star State Students can describe important events during western expansion in the USA.

8.5d   3.5e   3.5f   3.5g

Unit 8.2 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 32 Trails to the West Students can identify the reasons for settlers to move west, the geography of the area, and the interactions between groups.

1.5c   2.5b   3.5h   5.5e

Unit 8.3 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 33 The California Gold Rush Students can analyze the cause and effects of the California gold rush.

1.5d   2.5c   4.5e   5.5f

Unit 8.4 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 34 Civil War and Reconstruction Struggles Over Slavery Students can examine the economic, political, and social differences between the North and the South.

2.5c   5.5f   6.5i   5.5b

Unit 9.1 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 35 The War Begins Students can understand how the Civil War started.

1.5c   2.5b   4.5h   2.5c

Unit 9.2 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 36 Life During the Civil War Students can explain the impact of the war and daily life.

1.5c   2.5b   2.5c   5.5f

Unit 9.3 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 37 The War Ends and Reconstruction Students can explain the reaction to the end of the war and identify steps towards reconstruction.

1.5c   2.5b   5.5h   2.5c

Unit 9.4 & 9.5 Lesson Plans Resources
Week 38 Fifth Grade Social Studies Review Review Review


Review Lesson Plans Resources
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